Friday, July 2, 2010

Vietnam Trip - Summer 2010

Yes, our clan has safely traversed the Pacific Ocean, survived 3 hours of pre-dawn meandering through Hong Kong International Airport, and incurred no negative outcomes on the breathtaking drive through the streets of Saigon to Long's family home. It was a balmy 82 degrees upon arrival, with patchy clouds overhead, quite lovely weather I will add, for Terri, and a great relief after a Viet Kieu with a warped sense of humor told my brother that he'd heard it was the hottest summer in 15 years. Not true!!!! It's been raining for a couple weeks which is very nice for breaking the heat and lessening the humidity. No sign of rain today...Had a delightful bucket shower, Vietnam style, with cold water (of course), and am preparing to crawl into the air-con guest room to nap till it's time for the Brazil/Netherlands game at 9 pm. Our timing is perfect, and Vietnam is a country of rabid soccer fans. Much drinking and shouting and "drinking food" expected.
I swear the seats on the 747s are getting smaller. (Perhaps it's my butt getting bigger... :( ) Two birthdays to celebrate, four quarterfinal games to watch, adn then we leave for Phu Quoc Island on Monday morning.

Here is our itinerary:

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